Schools ICT Support
Schools ICT Support

Schools ICT Support

We can help you make the right choices for your ICT

The environment is fast changing for schools, with a new government and a new direction, but the need for quality ICT systems and ICT support is as strong as ever. We have been able to take our extensive technical experience to assist schools. Schools have responded favourably and providing ICT services for schools in North Devon has become a growing direction for Westward IT over the last two years. We are therefore committed to our educational presence.

Schools ICT Support - Advice and recommendations

Advice and recommendations

Are you not sure what to do to achieve a goal or solve a problem? We can advise you on what technology could be employed to help you, but without blinding you with terminology. Just by examining your systems and the way you run your school, we can often make recommendations for improvements that you may not have spotted yourself.

Schools ICT Support - New technologies

New technologies

Many schools are also moving away from traditional computer labs, where the technology is segregated from everyday learning, in favour of mobile devices in classrooms. The new generation of touch-based tablet devices, such as the Apple iPad, open a new world of possibilities for teaching in a new way. Let us help you harness these new technologies and put you in control through reading eBooks, online research, presenting, creating artwork, taking notes, digital storytelling, playing and making music and promoting creativity.

Schools ICT Support - Sharing and communicating

Sharing and communicating

Cost effective and efficient communication is a key factor in modern life. We can supply and configure your very own email server and help you transfer all your old emails to it. We can provide a system fully integrated with anti-virus and anti-spam to keep you user’s mailbox free of potentially harmful content and junk. We can also help you extend your functionality with collaboration features such as school-wide calendaring for arranging events, meetings and managing appointments.

Schools ICT Support - Remote access

Remote access

Accessing your school’s data securely through the internet, even when you are at home or travelling is very empowering. You no longer have to remember to copy those lessons plans onto a mobile storage device or your laptop to take them home – just access them as and when you need to from home. Share up-to-date information with parents and governors who would otherwise have to rely on being emailed or even posted. It’s using the power of the internet to improve the way you work.

We offer a full range of IT Support Services across North Devon

Support by Phone

85% of issues can be resolved over the phone or by remote access within the hour and if required an engineer can be onsite within 4 hours. We offer Fixed Fee or Pay as You Go Support.

Call us on 0808 252 2700

Ticket Support System

We understand exactly how important support is to our customers. Our ticket system allows us to investigate any issues and questions whilst letting you carry on with your life as normal – you’re not stuck on hold or queuing!

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