Worldwide Virus Outbreak

Worldwide Virus Outbreak

Monday 15th May 2017

I'm sure you've heard about the worldwide virus outbreak that has affected so many over the last few days. It has been particularly nasty. In theory no new infections of the original strain should occur now that the 'kill switch' has been discovered and activated by an English programmer working in the US but that's not to say that different variants of the virus aren't out there.

This outbreak primarily hits users of Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, but I would suggest that your staff are super vigilant when it comes to opening emails and particularly attachments for the next few days. It could be lurking in one of your mailboxes - this is how most of these 'crypto' viruses spread. Even if an email is from someone you know or even something you may be expecting, just double-check with them that it is genuine before opening anything and ask if they have been infected. In our experience, malicious code is often embedded in innocent looking Word documents or Excel spreadsheets so, as always, the best defence is one of common sense and caution.  

If you have any doubts over the validity of something, just contact the sender by means other than email and make sure or, of course, contact us on 08455 337537 for an opinion. We've seen several outbreaks of this kind of virus first-hand over the last few years and, in every instance, it was kicked-off by a user opening an email attachment. 

You can read more about the possible future effects here:

Please share this with as many friends and colleagues as you can and don't hesitate to contact us if you discover anything suspicious on your systems.

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