Jargon Buster

Jargon Buster

A place to store data.

Information stored on a computer.

To put data on somewhere. For example, on the internet or a website, "I uploaded my pictures to Facebook."

To copy data from somewhere. For example, "I downloaded a song from iTunes."

To get data from, or put it on, a disk.

To put data on a disk.

RAM (random access memory)
This is memory that does get changed.

ROM (read only memory)
This is memory that does not get changed.

The solid parts of a computer, like monitors, fans, CPU, etc.

CPU (central processing unit)
Another name for processor.

GHz (gigahertz)
Used to describe the speed of a processor. Some processors are capable of doing more than one thing at once, as they have multiple "cores", so a bigger number is not necessarily better. The bigger the GHz number, the faster it runs and the more energy it uses.

USB (universal serial bus)
A method used to plug computer tools into a machine.

Electronic mail.

WWW (World Wide Web)
Part of the Internet.

A fast internet connection.

WiFi (wireless fidelity)
A way to connect to a network wirelessly.

Plug & Play
A function from the OS that auto-recognizes any change to the hardware of the computer.

OS (operating system)
The main program that controls all the computer functions, it calls other programs.

Set of data that tells the processor what to do and call for in the rest of PC.

Another name for program.

The way a software sets the place for itself in a computer.

Computer Virus
Bad software made to mess up a computer or destroy data; nothing good comes from it.

People who search flaws in the way computers work. They can use their knowledge for evil, too.

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