IT Services

We have tailored our services to be as flexible as possible for our clients, we understand each business has different needs and requirements, and that a Fix fee monthly support might not suite your business for example, so we give you the option and offer you the same level of service and attention to all of our clients.

Our aim is to be always there when you need us the most and to ensure your business dose not suffer long down time periods caused by IT.

It’s nice to have the safety net of a complete IT support team and being able to budget for it!

Sam Koval
Director GetInfo Ltd

IT services

Fixed Fee Monthly IT Support

Keep the cost of your IT Support under control with a fixed fee monthly support agreement. Designed around the needs of clients without an expert in‐house IT support function, and who prefer to focus management energies elsewhere.

Pay as you go IT Support

As and when you need it, On-Site, On The Phone, and On-Line. If we can’t resolve your problem via our help desk we’ll have a qualified engineer on-site with you within 4 hours. Rest assured you are in good hands with us.

Emergency System Cover

Be reassured in the event of an emergency we can step in and take control. At Westward IT we always prioritize emergencies and aim is to respond as quickly as possible to your emergency, whether you are an existing client or not we will respond as quickly as possible. Even if you already have a person responsible for your IT we can still help.

Server Management

Have regular maintenance and management support of your server. Our server management service is designed for client who don’t want to take out a fixed fee maintenance agreement, but would still like regular server maintenance and management of there server(s).

Consultancy & Advisory Service

We know that making the right choice when it comes to IT decisions can be a daunting and expensive task for any business. Our aim is to provide your business with our years of knowledge and experience that can both save you time and money, and best of all we don’t charge for this services if you are looking for a solution that we already provide.

IT Audit & Health Check

Our IT Audit & Health Check service is a great way of ensuring your business is not under utilizing its I.T. investment. We will look at every aspect of your I.T. infrastructure to identify ways of improving your systems reliability and performance that will result in improving your business productivity.

WIFI Planning Deployment & Optimisation

Wi-Fi can be an extremely complex and in depth subject, even on a small scale deployment. We have the tools and the knowledge that enable us to plan, deploy, & optimize your Wi-Fi network, form a single Wi-Fi access point system to large scale multi access point networks.

Network Cabling Systems

Westward IT can supply and install a range of network cabling systems as well as comms and server cabinets. Our qualified installers are experts in providing the highest standards in structured cabling systems and comms systems.

Apple MAC Support

We use Macs and iPhones ourselves so are perfectly placed to advise and support on all things Apple. Drawing on our experience with existing clients, you’re in safe hands with us.

ICT Support

The environment is fast changing for schools, with a new government and a new direction, but the need for quality ICT systems and ICT support is as strong as ever. We have been able to take our extensive technical experience to assist schools.